Rental Agreement

Terms of Contract

On Road "Scooter and bike rental" commits to rent the vehicle at the agreed price, under the following conditions: The hirer must be at least 18 years of age and must have a valid identification card or passport. A legal guardian or parent may hire on behalf of a 14 - 17 year old and, in doing so, accept the terms of rental. The vehicle may only be driven by the hirer. Consequences of any civil penal and traffic offences and will bare upon the signer of the contract. The vehicle is to be returned at the fixed date, non return will be considered embezzlement (Art. 646 Criminal Code). Prior notice of 24 hours is required to extend the rental period. The price does not include: fuel, parking, fines, towing of the vehicle in case of accident or in event of forced removal by local authorities. Damages caused to the vehicle are the hirer's responsibility. Use of the provided helmet is mandatory. The hirer must check the general conditions of the vehicle upon it's return. The vehicle is to be returned to the same place from where it was collected; any possible transport of the vehicle is at charge of the hirer.

Cancellation of Reservations:

Reservations can be cancelled free of charge within 48 hour from departure by sending a request by e-mail.

Traffic rules in Rome:

Access to Piazza di Spagna, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Piazza di Trevi and all other major monuments is pedestrian or bicycle only. Yellow lanes are reserved exclusively for public transport and taxi cabs. You can park between 2 parked cars. You can park inside blue lines without payment. Unlike some American states, a right turn at a red traffic light is prohibited. Flashing head lights mean "I'm not stopping", the opposite of what it means in the UK. Parking "a pettine" means "diagonally" to the curb. "Senso Unico" means "One Way". "Divieto di accesso" means "No Entry". "Sosta vietata" means "No Parking". "Pista ciclabile" means "Bicycle Lane". "Fermata" means "Stop".