1. The amount due pursuant to the online booking shall be paid after actual availability of the Tour is confirmed.

2. Bookings can be cancelled and reimbursed within and no later than 7 days from the tour commencement date. Terms and conditions may vary for particular tours, according to the specific aspects indicated on the website.

3. My Vespa Tours is under no means accountable for delays caused by traffic, breakdowns, road conditions, weather or other conditions beyond its control and liability.

4. Information on how to contact our offices for further information is indicated on the electronic Voucher you received by e-mail immediately after placing your booking.

5. My Vespa Tours shall be entitled to modify the Tour programme at any moment in time, at its own discretion, even during the actual execution of the same  should the same become necessary for operational or force majeure reasons.

6. Our Tours can be booked with a minimum of 48 hours notice before the departure date; it is not possible to book a Tour over 60 days beforehand.

7. Bookings made online without relative payment must be confirmed by the Customer by telephone at least 24 hours before departure.

8. Customers who have already paid for their booking online, must provide valid ID before the Tour departure date.

9. Bookings made online with full payment of the amounts due, does not guarantee that the Tour is actually available even when explicit booking confirmation is communicated, in cases where the Tour becomes unavailable due to unforeseen events that are beyond the control of My Vespa Tours. The Customer hereby holds My Vespa Tours harmless against all and any damages incurred and/or which may occur. Any acknowledged damages that the Customer may incur cannot exceed the total amount actually paid in relation to the booking.

10. Under no circumstances will My Vespa Tours be accountable for any damages caused by incidents, loss of personal effects or loss of any form of asset, even when informed of such possibilities.

11. The Customer undertakes to indemnify, exonerate and hold My Vespa Tours harmless against all claims, legal action, requests, damages, losses, liability, costs or expenses including, without restrictions, all legal and economic aspects, pursuant to damages incurred during the Tour caused by the use of motor vehicles, electric vehicles and bicycles supplied by My Vespa Tours.

12. The participant’s luggage shall travel at the participant’s own risk and peril as he/she is the sole person responsible for the same.

13. My Vespa Tours has taken out an insurance policy no. 5005024IW with Sara Assicurazioni to guarantee fulfilment of all its obligations towards the Customer.

14.  Jurisdiction: The Court of Rome is hereby assigned full jurisdiction concerning any disputes that may arise regarding the validity, efficacy, interpretation and execution of these Conditions.

15. On making a booking, the User accepts all terms and conditions herein.

16. This form may be available in several different languages for reference purposes only; the Italian version shall prevail whatever the circumstances.


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Technical Manager: Francesco Tranchina



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